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Advice on double rifles

Ok, owning a double rifle is a dream of mine.

Could someone give me some idea of what to look for in the 10k to 50k price range and in the 50k to 100k price range?

A recommendation for a good magazine rifle in .416 rigby would be nice as well.

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Advice on double rifles

In the lesser price range Merkel is one to look at.
Im the upper ranges just about any of the great old european gun makers such as Holland and Holland, Rigby, Purdy Etc Etc will do. Take a look at Cabelas web site. They have a "fine gun room " section that should give you an idea. It's fun to drool over too.


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Advice on double rifles

mmmmmmm. a winchseter mod 70 375 H&H, ammo and the rest on a safari.

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Advice on double rifles

Can't speak for the double, but CZ makes good bolt rifles and I believe they make a 416 (but I haven't looked in a long time). They are essentially the same BRNO rifles that are popular over there.

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Advice on double rifles

Start Here

The Classic Big Five is Beautiful.......
I own Two Kreighoff's. Both Shotguns. A k-80 and a k-20. The quality is everything you would expect it to be. I've shot maybe 75 thousand rounds though my k-80 in six years of competition and practice and the triggers are still perfect. It has been serviced by the factory once but it was just a routine cleaning.
I will own a dbl rifle at some point. .470 NE maybe I'm not sure. I don't have a need at the moment.
When you are ready to buy, Contact Kurt Grates @ Great Lakes Sporting Arms in Walled Lake, Michigan. He will give you the best price on these firearms. On occasion you will see them at Cabela's, but this is not the right place to make a purchase of this type.


This is a good web site. Go to Search Guns by type and select "Field". You will find the Dbl rifles listed here. I handled the Beretta 689 combo last month and it's really a nice piece of work.

I do not work for Great Lakes Sporting Arms.


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