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Green Creek

Hey cudaback (and anyone with wisdom to share),

your hunt sounded like it was shaping up nice... all my research for the past few weeks has pointed toward green creek. how did ur hunt go? where did u end up? i have a leftover cow tag for 15 and i want some burgers. thinking about heading in from rt 100, and crossing into 15 just north green crk, and then set up camp thursday on the north ridge to scope toward the south at the north-facing woods all day friday, then start making moves on saturday super early. is there a prevailing wind around here? is anyone else gonna be out there? this is my first big game hunt. i have a slug gun, so we'll see what happens. hitting 2" groups at 100yds as of sunday. gotta love those SST's


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cow elk

First off I am still a rookie myself. I hunted the silver creek / gore mt. area. We walked in from rd 100 also. I was a few miles south of you. We had a north west wind a few days but it was calm overall. We harvested two bulls 5x5 and 6x6 by the 4th day. We covered alot of ground but only seen 4 cows the entire time. The area was very dense so a 100 yrd shot would cover most areas. I don't know the green creek area and we were in there september 6th so the temps will be alot lower now. Wish I could help more but a lot has changed since I was in the woods.


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Elk/Mule Deer

Hi Cudaback, Some information about your hunt if at all possible? First did you go in thye Silver cr/Gore mnt drainage trail head right there at silver cr? If so how far back did you run into animals? I will be ther the 3rd season so a couple weeks after your bow hunt and the elk wont be very voicetreous, if at all. So I'm going to have to do a few things different.. From your stand point being in there were most of the animals at that time on the North facing Structure? I have hunted mules in 15 for some yrs when dwawn and am looking for a big mature mule.. Did you see many deer in that area at all? please comment. Thanks so much and good hunting to you and yours.. thank you   MIke Help! Thumbs up

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How did you do?


How did you do on you cow elk meat hunt?  I have the option of picking up a late season cow tag for 2nd or 3rd season as well for Unit 15 and was wondering about your hunt.  Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.