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Advice on Colorado Mule Deer Units 29 and 38

I have some time off work the third week of October and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or advice on unit 29 and 38 for deer.

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Advice on Colorado Mule Deer Units 29 and 38

depends on how much snow we have by then,we hunted muzzy in 38 and only filled one of our five buck tags.we only saw five bucks the whole time.alot of pressure from front range rechreators.

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I found this post searching

I found this post searching for info on these areas. I live in denver and didnt draw a tag this year, needless to say leftover tags are my only option. where in these two ares is public land to hunt, near what cities i guess im asking. im a little bit leery (spelling?) about hunting near neaderland or boulder for obvious reasons. if i could get any replies that would be awesome, but i  realize this is an older post...

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You have Indian Peaks

You have Indian Peaks Wilderness west of Nederland. That's the only wilderness area I saw to be able to get "some what" away from the crowds. But, I hear it is crowded with hikers so who knows. I don't know any specific areas to go but good luck to you. Shows us pics when you're successful.

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you need to hunt the foothills there

You're not going to get away from the crowds in Indian Peaks.  It's the most heavily travelled wilderness in the US.  If you're after deer, hunt the foothills.  There aren't many really large pieces of Forest Service, but there's enough.

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I live in Ned and the pieces

I live in Ned and the pieces of USFS round here are tough to hunt, people all over, and if you shoot a gun theres always call. I save the bow for the hunting round here, people have no idea when that goes off, and no idea Im right down the trail. Not bad if you go west of highway 72 on thePeak tO Peak. Magnolia Rd and Moffat Rd are great places to stay away from. Lots of hikers,bikers in those areas.

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