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Advice on burning honey

does anyone have any advice for a new bear hunter on buring honey at a bait site?

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Advice on burning honey

I often do honey burns to open bait sites or to attract bears that may be coming in late. I use a gallon can set on a one burner butane stove. Light the stove, pour a couple ounces (1/4 t0 1/2 cup of honey) in the can and place on burner. It doesn't take long for the honey to start smoking. When it stops smoking, turn the stove off and leave the can there if you are hunting the bait.
I use the butane stove because of concerns about starting a forest fire. We had a bad drought here this year and the woods were really dry when the season opened. It worked for my son-in-law this year. Drew in a bear that was hitting the bait after dark.

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Advice on burning honey


I used two burners last year........I make them out of a big coffee can with a smaller coffee can screwed to the inside. I cut out the side of the bigger can so that I can slide a sterno can in and out to fit under the smaller can. I then make two holes in the top sides opposite each other and bend a metal hangar and fasten through the two holes to hang it from a branch. I have burned honey, beef fat, a nice mixture of raspberry kool-aid and raspberry preserves, and strawberry preserves with strawberry kool-aid.


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Advice on burning honey

I liked what old professor said.
However, what I normally do is just bring raw meet. I've never used honey but that actually would be a good idea with the fact that bears love honey.
If only they made something like fish blood (like cat fish bait) that woudl be great.

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Advice on burning honey

I am going to try a beaver oil, beaver castor kind of burn of sorts this year.

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Advice on burning honey

We can't go it anymore, but when we could....
I would add one table spoon of honey or molasses in a small soup can and hold it with channel locks. I would use a propane torch to heat the can. When done right you could get a rolling wall of smoke. I would walk the smoke around the trees and bushes in the area so it would cover the whole area. I would usually do this a couple times before sitting, or leaving if it was a new area.

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