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adding weight to a shotgun

I'm sure someone will tell me I'm crazy but I'd still like to hear peoples opinions on adding weight to a 870 express. I read about adding weight to reduce recoil. I was thinking of making a magazine plug out of lead which I figure would add around 14 ounces. I was only thinking of adding this for skeet or other target and maybe in a duck blind. All opinions are appreciated.


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adding weight to a shotgun

If you want to reduce recoil for skeet and other target shooting then just shoot extra light target loads or recoil reduced loads. If these loads hurt you too much or are untolerable, then you may need some work acclimating your shoulder or just wear a recoil pad found in any good gun or hunting shop. I would recommend acclimating your shoulder by shooting enough target loads until the recoil no longer bothers you. You don't have to torture yourself, just shoot some hand trap until you start to approach your pain limit, then give yourself a rest for a couple of weeks, then repeat the process adding 5 to 10 more additional rounds each time. Make sure to keep that butt stock close and snug in against your shoulder, head down, cheek on comb, and lean into it. The only way to tame recoil is by shooting properly and shooting often. You are going to have to do this if you want to shoot magnum waterfowl loads out of that thing, because field loads and magnum loads kick considerably much more than a target load.

There is no "good" way that I know of to add weight to any 870. Doing so will throw off the balance of the gun too.

If you find that you can't get used to the recoil then you may want to buy a gas operated semi-auto shotgun. These produce the same recoil except you don't feel it as much. The "precieved" recoil is much less, because the design of these requires a certain amount of gas pressure to be redirected to cycle the action, coupled with the action spring spreading out the recoil over a few more milli-seconds, in fact you'd be amazed how much softer they are to shoot. There are lots of good makes out there. In addition to my Franchi Over/Under double barrel gun used for upland birds, I have used a 12 guage gas-operated Remington 11-87 Special Purpose as my primary waterfowl gun for years and I can shoot 3" magnum loads all day out of that Remington and not hurt one bit at the end of the day. Of course early on as a young teenage shooter I Iearned shotgun shooting mostly with a Remington 870 Wingmaster and a Marlin pump shotgun. No, really though, you will notice a significant felt difference in recoil between the two types of actions. Even to this day I still can. Good luck.

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