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What's most important?


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Accuracy - what's most important?

I've said it hear once and I'll say it again. Sorry to sound like a broken record Big smile

The vast majority of factory rifles , when in good condition, are inherently capable for far better accuracy than most shooters are. It's been my observation that most accuracy problems are shooter induced. That is to say - people who have an accurate rifle, but can't shoot it that well.

However I have seen one rifle that was just horrible out of the box. It belonged to a buddy of mine. I'm talking no better than 4 inch groups at 100 yards with a 9X scope, no matter what it shot. Crowning was good, bedding was good, bolt locking lugs were tight and even, headspace checked out, throat was in great shape, rifling looked good. Just could not figure this thing out.

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Accuracy - what's most important?

I have been involved in target shooting for a while. I can honestly say that most guns can shoot better than their owners. Some guns are more accurate than others, that is why there are purpose built target rifles, but the most important aspect to good shooting is proper techniques.

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the best thing to do to

the best thing to do to improve your precision is to shoot ALOT and practice ALOT because the thing that makes you miss the most is not the gun or the ammo or the scope, its you and that little flinch right before the shot and the truth is you can't get ride of that flinch but you can make that flinch so small its not gonna be noticable in your groups but thats only if you get alot of practicing in on your rifle

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We had a drill we did in the service to find any flinch. You give someone an mty rifle and they hold it ready to shoot in the standing position. Then as close to the end of the barrel as possible you lay a quarter. The deal is to pull the trigger without knocking the quarter off the barrel. You flinch just a bit and it goes off the barrel. One thing I really like about the two stage military trigger's as on the 03 Springfield is they are two stage, I shoot them best. I'm not sure why it helps me but I believe it's because it pre-loads my trigger finger. I have also found that I can shoot a 5# trigger better than a 3# trigger. Same reason I think. Once the finger is loaded you concentrate on trigger control better. Takes a very good shooter to shoot a good match trigger. If they can even cock the rifle, they have trouble feeling the trigger with their finger and it goes of prematurely. I shot small bore match in Eurpoe with a guy that had a 2oz trigger on his gun, Anchutz. I couldn't cock it and when he cocked it for me, I could not feel the trigger without it going off. It wasn't necessarily a jerk but more of a premature let off.