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Fire, I believe the main

Fire, I believe the main difference is the Accubond was developed with a sleeker more aerodynamic shape with the plastic tip hence the 'Accu' portion of the name. It's supposed to have the potential for better then normal accuracy and still deliver with the killing penetration. As we all know however accuracy is up to what the gun likes so some will still get better accuracy with Partitions, but many do see good to great accuracy with Accubonds. Partitions from my research while always know for great penetration weren't always known for exceptional accuracy, good hunting accuracy, but not wiz bang minute of angle long range accuracy (I know, I know, some guys have gotten ultra great accuracy with them however). I do think if a reloader were to experiment with enough components i.e. powders, primers, brass, lands depth, they'd probably find a recipe that worked with the Accubonds in terms of high accuracy.

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Re Fire, I believe the main


Thanks for that piece of info. What got me looking at the AB in the first place was the plastic tip. I like how they don't get beat up like the partitions tips do. I would think that would have a little bit of effect on the accuracy of the partitions when those tips get deformed. I think all holds true with finding the right re load

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go w/ the accubond then

Don Fischer wrote:

I talked to the guy's at Nosler some time back about the Accubond and Partition. Funny thing is they are both designed to maintain 70% of their weight and to penetrate deeply. I can't tell where there is 2 cents worth difference in either. What one will do, so should the other. I don't use many Nosler bullet's because my first try with them was the old partition, which would consistenty sheer off at the partition. Probably didn't matter but soured me just the same.

The bonded type bullet is nothing new. Vernon Speer was making Hot Core bullet's many years ago and the retained a lot of weight and penetrated very well. I think Speer still makes that Hot Core. IMO most the hype on these premium bullet's is just that, hype. A proper cup and core bullet chosen for the catrtidge and game at hand is more than adequate for all hunting. The catch is using the proper bullet and cartridge.

The manufacturing method of the partition is not really a lot different than a cup and core. A plug is drawn form both ends to make two cavities to except a lead plug. The older partitions the cavities were drilled into a solid copper rod of proper length.

If you like one or the other, just use the one you like, you'll not notice a great deal of difference on game.

If they retain the same wieght than I would go with the accubond due to it's higher ballistic coefficient.

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