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Accessories input for new bow

Just ordered a new Hoyt Vectra Turbo.  I am excited to get it soon and get it suited with the accessories I "need".  I am looking at the following items and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these items that you would be able to share your thoughts about?  Offer up any other suggestions and I will look inot them.

Help! Sight:  Black Gold Ascent 3-5 pin

Rest:  Ripcord Code Red fall-away, QAD Ultra-rest HD Pro Series, or Fusion version

Quiver:  Tight Spot

Also, I see there are a lot of different versions of stabilizers.  Is there really that much difference in which one you buy/use?  How do you know which is right for you?

Thanks all!

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Go with the Ripcord rest and

Go with the Ripcord rest and get a Copper Jon Dead Nuts sight. Both are good items.

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