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? about speer grand slams

hi all,im new to this site,nice site by the way.i moved from montana to nevada 12 years ago and finally drew a cow elk tag,montana was acrossed the counter tag,anyway i had no need down here for my .338 on deer so i sold it and bought a .270wsm.my question is the rifle likes 130 gr federal powershocks[speer grandslam] how do these bullets hold up on elk?havent heard much about them,they do a great job on mulies here.thanks,bill

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? about speer grand slams

First of all, welcome to the site. Second, your bullet choose should do fine with elk. Although I haven't hunted elk, I wouldn't hesitate to use them on moose so they should be OK for elk. Good luck on your hunt. Keep us posted on your hunt.

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? about speer grand slams

Welcome Also>
I like the numbers for the 150 gr Nosler Partition bullet in the federal round.
More than 400 ft/lbs energy @ 200 yards than the lighter 130 grainers.

Here's the federal Ballistic table where you can compare all the data


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