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AARP Supports Gun Control

If you didn't already know, the AARP supports gun control. That's right, the largest organization in the country that's supposed to be helping seniors. If you are a member you should cancel immediately. You should also ask others to stop their membership as well.

AARP supported the Brady Bill back in 1993 and the assault weapons ban in 1994.

Supposedly, they polled their membership and found the following:

1. 82% favor a federal law, which controls the sale of guns, by making ALL persons register ALL purchases.

2. 79% favor a law requiring a license to carry ANY gun outside the home.

3. 73% favor a law requiring a 2-week waiting period prior to a gun purchase.

4. 67% favor a law, which would require a person to obtain a police permit prior to purchasing a gun.........any gun.

They believe their survey results are comparable to surveys of the population at large. Therefore, they will support their membership, along with the general population.

AARP strongly supports stricter gun control measures. They feel that the federal government should be DOING MORE in the area of gun control. They will also ensure that policy positions presented before Congress, Executive Branch, and state legislatures express their views.

Please pass this information along to everyone you know. These gun grabbers will never get a single penny from me.

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AARP Supports Gun Control

Thanks for sharing the information. I can't wait to get one of their solicitations to join so I can decline along with my reason for doing so.

Who can trust poll numbers from senile old people anyhow? Evil!

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