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7mm WSM and Browning A-Bolt with BOSS


I've been looking to buy a Browning A-Bolt Eclipse rifle with BOSS system in 300 Win Mag, but they've discontinued production. I have found the same rifle in 7mm WSM and wanted to get some feedback on both the A-Bolt rifle with BOSS system but also the 7mm WSM round. I'll be hunting white tail deer in Texas and also elk in Colorado.

Is the 7mm WSM a good round for elk? I know it will handle the white tail deer. What about general availability of ammo in 7mm WSM?

Thoughts/comments on both?


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See if I can get a reply to

See if I can get a reply to go through without it hitting the spam filter. 

I personally don't like add ons on a hunting rifle.  Some do but I don't. 

As for the 7mm WSM it was developed to give you the same balistics as the 7mm Rem Mag in a non belted, shorter case.  So anything that can be done with the 7mm Rem Mag the 7mm WSM will do. 

As for ammo that is a toss up.  Until that round becomes popular like the Rem Mag you will never see it on the store shelves like the Rem Mag is.  It is quite capable of taking deer and elk at the same ranges as the Rem Mag does. 

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