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7mm Weatherby-Barnes Triple Shock or Trophy Claw?

Going on my first elk hunt. I have a 7mm Weatherby magnum. I assume I am better shooting a heavier grain bullet. Does anybody have any experience/thoughts regarding Barnes triple Shock bullet versus Federal Trophy Claw? Any insight would be appreciated.

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7mm Weatherby-Barnes Triple Shock or Trophy Claw?

The Trophy Bonded Bear Claw is a good premium bullet that will do the job on elk. I use the 175 gr TBBC in my 7mm Mag when hunting elk.

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7mm Weatherby-Barnes Triple Shock or Trophy Claw?

It's a good idea to shoot some paper with them both and see which gives you the best groups.

I do quite a bit of comparison of various premium bullets with my 7 mag and the TBBC is one of the better shooting bullets in my rifle.

I would shoot anything that gave me the tightest groups. So far that has always been partitions for me but every rifle is different.

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7mm Weatherby-Barnes Triple Shock or Trophy Claw?

Both will preform well on elk. I would pick the bullet that shoots the best and has the best ballistic coefficient.

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