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7mm Remington Mag. Ammo

For those of you that hunt with the 7mm Remington Mag., what is your favorite ammo for elk hunting?

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7mm Remington Mag. Ammo

175 gr.Nosler Partitions.

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7mm Remington Mag. Ammo

I no longer use a 7mm mag and haven't for years. When I was tho, I tried about eery bullet I could find. Finally I setelled on the 160gr Speer bullet. It was plenty tuff enough and kept it's weight well. In hind sight, I think the 175gr bullet would have served as well. I wouldn't concider anything smaller than the 160gr for fear of bullet failure at 7mm mag velocities. That is on heavier game. The deer I shot with the 140 class bullet's got tore up pretty bad. One bear I shot with a 140gr Sierra I had to shoot again because the bullet didn't make the trip, it blew up just under the skin in the chest.

I'm not sure you really need even 160 and 175gr bullets other than to be sure the bullet's don't come apart up close. I've had the 160gr bullet completely penetrate several elk.

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7mm Remington Mag. Ammo

7mm Rem. Magnum?? The Federal 165 gr Sierra GameKing BTSP would be my pick of the litter for a factory load, but I'm not a 7mm Rem mag user either

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