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7MM Rem Mag Shells

I just purchased a used BAR in 7MM Rem Mag. I hunt moose every couple of years and whitetail deer every year. I will likely be using different shells for each. Any recommendations for each would be appreciated. I have always used Remington 180 grain A frame in my .30-06 for both deer and moose with great success. My shot range is 50 yards out to 300. I don't want to spoil meat but I want an effective killing bullet. I know shot placement is most important. Remington A frame is available in 160 grain and looks good to me based on previous success with that shell.

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7MM Rem Mag Shells

Find one good round and stick with it....you'll have no problem dropping a moose with say a 140 grain bullet from a 7mm mag.....ya dont need the 175 grainers Thumbs up Happy Shooting!!

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7MM Rem Mag Shells

I've owned the 7mm Rem Mag since 1964 and have handloaded for it since about '67 or '68. What I've settled on after trying thousands of loads is the 175 grain Nosler Partition for moose and the 160 grain for deer. You don't need minute of angle accuracy for moose, (I've never shot one over 60 yds) and most deer are probably taken under 100 yds as well.
I handload the partitions but they are available in factory Federal ammo and worth every cent.

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7MM Rem Mag Shells

I'm with wonsky on this....I figure you'd be fine using the same load for both, once you find one that works well for your gun.

The Winchester Supreme Elite XP3 comes in 160 gr. and would work nicely.

Or maybe the Federal Premium Magnum Sierra in 150 gr., which would be good incase you found yourself having to make a longer shot.

The A-Frames you mentioned would definitely do the job, as would the Core Lokts

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