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7MM Rem Mag

Hi Everyone,
I drew a combo tag for elk/muley in MT this year. I have a 30-06, that is the best gun i have every owned. however, due to the longer range out west, i want to get a 7mm rem mag. My question is what is the best gun? i am leaning towards a thompson center prohunter with 7mm rem mag barrel. Any advice is appreciated!

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7MM Rem Mag

First of all, your .30-06 is fine and you really aren't gaining much in terms of drop with a 7mm Rem Mag at realistic distances. But if you're looking for an excuse for a new rifle, I can understand that. That being said, I wouldn't buy a single shot rifle for elk hunting. I firmly believe that as long as they are standing, you should shoot them again and you often have that opportunity. A Remington 700 7mm Rem Mag will cost you a lot less too. But if it were my money, and I was looking to drop something south of a grand on a new gun, I'd lean towards a Kimber or Winchester in 7mm WSM, and a little further south of a grand I'd look at Remington 700 and Ruger 77s in 7mm Rem Mag. I prefer wood and blue or wood and stainless, but can't argue with the convenience of synthetics and laminates with stainless. Nothing more ugly than a blued and stainless rifle though. But you can overlook looks if the gun is a shooter.

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7MM Rem Mag

gustie 18, exbiologist is right. If your shooting futher than what a 30-06 can shoot your shooting to far. I shoot a 30-06 and have shot a couple elk at 500 yrds. That being said, 90% of the elk I have shot have been under 150 yrds. We had 9 guys in our camp in 2007 and killed 8 elk. 6 bulls and 2 cows. 7 of the 8 were shot with a 30-06 and all the elk were shot at ranges from 20 yrds to 100 yrds. I'm not trying to talk you out of a new gun but, if I had a few hundered to burn I would spend it on the best optics I could afford. You will use them more than any other piece of equiptment you have. Good luck and have a great hunt

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7MM Rem Mag

I've always liked the 7mm rem mag at a little better at longer ranges and others must agree because that's the cartridge of choice for the truly long range boys of the Best of the West.

If you want a true long range rig out of the box you'll want to get a rifle from Gunwerks with the Huskemaw scope with the turrets. The other option is to get a good rifle like the Remington 700 and set it up yourself like doing the glass bedding and adjusting the trigger and order your custom made turrets.

In either case you'll have to handload your bullets and I would reccomend Berger bullets.

If that's the route you go be prepared to spend lots of time shooting and don't forget to get a good ranger finder and wind meter not to mention things like your metal targets for affirming your hits at long range while practicing. You also have some studying to do understand wind drift and bullet drop on steep slopes.

If that all sounds like too much cash or work then you might as well stick with your tried and proven 30-06

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7MM Rem Mag

How 'bout what Billy Dixon used?....................................Sharps, famous Big Fifty cartridge, a .50 caliber, 500 grain slug with a cartridge case 3" long holding about 125 grains of powder.

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