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7mm Mag, 30-06 or ?

I've been having trouble deciding between 7mm mag and 30.06 myself. On paper the 7mm seems superior. I'm not rich but I don't really care about the money saved with .06; won't likely shoot enough to be an issue. Just want good all around deer/elk rifle with good performance. Will likely buy REM 700 SPS Buckmaster in 7mm mag or 30.06. Any opinions would be appreciated. Again, money and convienience are not of concern to me; just performance. Thanks.

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7mm Mag, 30-06 or ?

You will find that the 7mm rem mag is not that much more expensive to shoot than the 30-06. All things equal, I'd get the 7mm but I already have the 30-06 and I don't have a 7mm rem. Performance is not really that much different. Check out the 6.5x55 or the 25-06 as other options.

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