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7mm mag

i just got a remington 7mm mag and was wondering if i could put sand or lead in the butt stock to help with the recoil im open to any suggestions

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7mm mag

I certainly wouldn't mess with putting sand or lead in the butt stock. Just try a good recoil pad. If that doesn't get the results you need, you might want to try Magna-Port or a similar system.

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7mm mag

Yes you can do that, there are mercury recoil reducers that are available commercially from online retailers like brownells and midwayusa

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7mm mag


If the game is deer sized up to around 200 yds for right now the fastest thing to do is to shoot Remingtons Managed Recoil ammo.


Do not put sand in the stock. Before doing something like that sell the rifle for one that does not kick too hard.

When you can have a 'Decelerator' recoil pad put on. They are new and really soak up the recoil.

Tell us where and what your going to hunt and good luck.