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I don't own a 7mm-08 and have

I don't own a 7mm-08 and have never fired one but after reading the reports here and looking at the ballistics I wouldn't have a problem if I needed to use one. It's would not be my first choice but I already have other options to go to and I undrstand needing to use what what you already have, and in this case you have a pretty good one.

I have a .243 my daughter used as the legal minimum but I found that to be a bit lacking. With the 7 you have a lot more bullet weight and choices to better suit it for elk hunting.

Good luck with your hunt I'm sure yuo will do fine.

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I probably should have shown


I probably should have shown some other tests. I ran across it, and thought i'd post it.

I think the 7mm-08 shines better when compared to the .308 and 30-06. Even the .270.


The 7mm-08 is such a light recoiling round. It's impressive we can even mention it in the same breath as the other calibers. Of course it can't compete with the big magnums, but i've never been a fan of shots over 300yds. Nothing wrong with it, but it's not my thing. I'm hunting muzzleloader season, and keep my limit at 150yds. Plenty for my timber hunting.


I want another 7mm-08. I think before the year is out. I might get one. Winchester 70, or Rem 700. maybe an early Christmas present to myself. Big smile

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do this

Here's what I'd do if I were in this situation.  If you already have a 7mm-08, then take it on your first elk hunt.  I'm in total agreement with Sill Hunter regarding shot distance.  Keep shots under 300 yrds, rarely do I see any need for a real hunters to take a shot much beyond that.  If you can't get to within 200 yrds of your game animal under most conditions then you need to rethink your hunting strategy or learn how to hunt better.  Shot placement on biggame is key regardless of the size of cartridge you use, whether it be big or small. 

If you like the results of your 7mm-08 then great, if not, then buy that 300WSM.  I use a .270 Win handloaded with 130 grain Grand Slams on every biggame animal I hunt.  Overall and all things considered I like the cartridge.  As long as I do my part, it performs very well on elk, deer, and pronghorn. 

I encourage hunters to review the ballistics of a certain cartridge and bullet out to various distances.  Calculations can be derived from reloading manuals.  Most hunters and shooters would be surprised at how well some scoffed at cartridges will do out to 300 yrds and even more surprised at just how fast performance drops-off beyond 300 or 400 yrds with the larger highly regarded more powerful magnums. It really is an eye opener.  I'm just saying.

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Rifle selection

I'll start something now, I've taken Elk with a .243, .270, 7mm-08, 7mm Mag, 30-06, and a 300 H&H.  I have a friend that's taken over 20 Elk using one rifle a .308.  I have never lost an Elk that I've shot at, some were at close range others at yardage I won't even mention.  Some people think they have to have a cannon to kill Elk,  Fined a rifle you can shoot well and go hunting; send the cannon shooters to go buy freezer paper.




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You have some cannons on your

You have some cannons on your list. I've just used a 30-30.  Big smile

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I want one

of every caliber!!! Love all the different calibers and what they can offer! Not that I need them all, but I want them all!!! I want the 7mm-08 in a hunting pistol!!!!! I have big Magnums and Varmit guns and purchased a Rem .260 for my daughter when she was 2!!! Now she is getting close to stepping into that gun! Nice small Mountain Rifle that she will be able to handle well! I had to test it on A Doe Whitetail and it did as I thought it would!! A buddy borrowed it and took a nice Cow Elk!!! Like everyone mentions on here is to use a well constructed bullet and you will be fine. Good Luck

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