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7.65 argentine or belgian mauser

I have a buddy at work who was complaining that he cant find ammo for his rifle so I trying to research it a little bit. I checked out my hornady manual and all I could find was info for a belgian mauser. But according to the norma guide it calls for the same bullet and close to the same powder. Im wondering if they are one in the same. Also I noticed that it uses a bullet with a diameter of 0.312 which is also the same as a 303 british. He had a gun shop reload some for him and then he found out that they actually used 308 bullets he never shot any of them but i would think using a bullet that is .004 smaller than the barrell would mess up the rifling. Maybe Im wrong.

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7.65 argentine or belgian mauser

I doubt that the under sized bullets would mess up the rifle, but it certainly won't shoot very well.

Prvi Partizan makes new ammo for 7.65x53.


I believe that your manual is referring to the same thing. Also hodgdon.com lists several loads for the 7.65 Argentine.


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7.65 argentine or belgian mauser

I'd shoot the .308 loaded bullets at the range for the fun of it and keep the brass. Then load with the correct bullets.

Just make sure the .308 bullets actually leave the bore before bolting in a new cartridge.

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7.65 argentine or belgian mauser

There Ya go folks, because it's a "gun shop" they are supposed to know what they are doing. That is as about as incompetent as it gets.
They should not be used for the simple reason that when the bullet exits the barrel it could be many yards off the intended target, and it only has to happen once.
Just imagine if you were reloading 280s and ran short.hell just use 270s(only 007" smaller in diameter)
Shame on You! Shame on You! Shame on You!

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