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Archery_hunter, Thanks for


Thanks for your service, return home safe and good luck hunting.

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Im ready!!

 Im ready, I got my rifle sighted in at 200 yards dead on, Been practicing with my bow for archery season!! And been checking my trail cam pics every week. Just waiting for archery and rifle season to come. And im also hoping I can get a leftover rifle doe tag. Then I will be ready to do the wack and stack!! Good luck to you guys smile

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been working on the cardio

been working on the cardio too... but i kicked it up a notch today...up and down 10 stories of stairs with a 40 pound pack on...2 steps at a time going up...doing it in 1 minute and 45 secs. up 60 seconds down... did it twice in a row! whew i was winded.

figure to sessions a day for a week then 3 sets at 1 minute 30 is my goal


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I have everything ready for

I have everything ready for my hunts this year, just counting down the days.

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I've been trying to shoot the

I've been trying to shoot the bow every day and go to the range once a week to work on various shooting positions. 24 days for me till the start of hunting : )

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i have been riding the bike

i have been riding the bike about 50 miles a week (2nd week so far)  going to try to get up to 100 miles a week.  trying to get in shape for the altitude.  we dont have much of a problem here at 300ft above sea level in ohio.  gonna be getting the shooting here soon.  truck just broke down so money going to that instead of bullets.  oh well.   grin and bear it.  at least i can blame the wife cause she was driving it when it blew out the spark plug.Evil!

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