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7 mm verses 300 mags

is ther a realy lot of difference between a 7 mm stw and a 300 weatherby for elk?given shooting same ranges which do you think would kill quicker?you see alot of different thoughts on tv.
gary b

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7 mm verses 300 mags

The .300 Wby has the advantage of heavier bullets, but with identical shots with heavy for caliber premium bullets, I doubt that the elk could tell the difference.

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7 mm verses 300 mags

Both are extremely fast calibers & will do the job as long as you do yours.

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Re: 7 mm verses 300 mags
gary brezinski wrote:
is ther a realy lot of difference between a 7 mm stw and a 300 weatherby for elk?

I don't think there is enough difference to be concerned about. You can find some on paper but in practical hunting I don't think any difference would be noted.

That being said I would choose the Weatherby over the STW because I like 30 calibers and dislike just about anything that has a 7 in it's title.

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7 mm verses 300 mags

The 300 wby will shoot heavier, more aerodynamic bullets. This means less drop at longer ranges. This potentially could make a longer shot easier to judge.

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7 mm verses 300 mags

Both 300 and 7mm have good bullets with high ballistic coefficients. They are both fast and flat with a lot of reained downrange energy.

If you want a good breakdown email me at : hightopoutfitters@q.com

You can't go wrong with either.

good luck

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7 mm verses 300 mags

Pick the caliber you like, either one will do the job.

I've killed elk with 120g Partitions out of a 25-06, I've used factory loads in a 30-06, I currently haul a 270WSM around the mountain and have killed a bunch of elk in the last 6 years with it. My hunting partner keeps borrowing my 300 WSM ( he has more sons than he has guns to go around) He has killed 5 elk the last 3 years with it shooting 168g TSX..

I shot a spike bull with the 270WSM using a 140 TSX, He was facing me at 230 yards. The bullet entered the base of his neck, follow the spine down and exited by his tail. Thats end for end of a spike bull. Just how much pentration does a person need.

Either of the guns you suggest will work. Pick the one you are comfortable using. I liked the 25-06 because I would go hunt Jack rabbits with it all winter. I could touch off 40 rounds in an afternoon, from all position. It was great practice. If I was using one of the big magnums, I'm afraid I might be flinching after that many.

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7 mm verses 300 mags

Mt brother shoots a 300 wby and I shoot a STW. Not a lot of difference besides the 180 grain option for the 300. I shoot a 140 grain Swift A-frame thru the STW and it does a nice job on anything within 400 yards. I will say that as recoil goes the 300 does have a little more kick on the receiving end but that should be expected with a heavier bullet. Both of these guns are Model 70 winchester Sporter LT's and they are nice accurate pieces. In the end, ammo is expensive, recoil is definitely there but terminal ballistics are hard to match in either class 7mm or 300 calibers. Your opinion is what matters and good luck.

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