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Good Luck

Take a ton of pics. 

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Well, here I am sitting 400

Well, here I am sitting 400 miles closer to my final destination.  I am sitting at my sisters house going over everything that I have and what I may need to pick up since there is a Cabela's just a few miles away and I will have tomorrow (Wednesday) to take care of any loose ends.  Then I'll be on my way north away from computers, cell phones, TV, and all the modern conveniences known to modern man. Thumbs up

I have checked the weather for the last time and it looks like some rain and some sun but you never know when you get out into the sticks.  It looks like the ride into the camp will be a wet one but it should dry out after that.  I'm glad that I have good rain gear. 

So, I will leave the forums to my capable friends here and wish luck to those who are waiting for that credit card hit or email telling them about the adventure that they will embark on this coming fall.  As for me I'll have to check everything when I get home.


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Good luck

Good luck! Looking forward to your full report

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Any body hear from Critter??

I was thinking of Critter yesterday and how he did on his grizzly hunt. Maybe he's not back yet?Hope he is doing fine and has a big griz in the salt shack!!

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