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60 days and counting

Well, 60 days from today wife and I will be heading for parts N with a bull moose tag in hand.  Happy

Going to the exact spot we were at last year, even though we came home empty handed.  Figure now we know the area so we're ahead of the game, not to mention both our calling is pretty sharp if I do say so myself.  Our practicing with my 450, wife's 375win, and our beater '94 30-30 camp/boat gun is paying off and we're feeling confident.

Since our youngest is off to college shortly as long as she's settled and happy we may just stay up there for 3 weeks or so.  Dancing

Just in case we're also taking up a 12' johnboat, the trout, and pike rods as well as my grouse getter shotgun.

All goes as planned there'll be ptarmigan on the spit, pickerel in the pan, and maybe even an arctic grayling....not to mention a truckload of moose meat and maybe even wife's first deer.....here's hoping.  Unsure

Best of luck to everyone who's lucky enough to have a tag. 

We look forward to reading of all of your adventure's and will post when we get back sucessfull or not.  This yr I'm going to try to take more pictures.  I'm usually so much in awe I forget to.

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Congrats on your tag, Keep us

Congrats on your tag, Keep us updated on your hunt and good luck to you.

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Do you have room for one

Do you have room for one more?  It sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun one way or another.  I can't wait for the pictures to show up.

Good Luck

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WOW!!  Congrats!  have a

WOW!!  Congrats!  have a great time and good luck.  Bring back lots of pictures.

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We'll be expecting a full

We'll be expecting a full rundown when you return.

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