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6 foot log

Ok I've come to the conclusion that I definately need a measuring device. Just wondering what are the approx. sizes verses lengths when measuring a bear against the log. Ive hear 5 feet is a shooter but everyone has a diferent version of a shooter.

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Re: 6 foot log

Bears, like people come in all sizes and body shapes. You can get a long, gangly bear that weighs in under 150 lbs. You can get a short stubby thing that looks like a yearling but weighs 150 lbs. You really have to look at a number of things to get an idea whether its a taker or not: height, body mass and length. At my baitsites I'll try to place a natural looking white birch pole lengthways 2 1/2 feet off the ground. That gives me an indication of height. Then you have to look at body mass, whether its long spindly legs, or heavy bodied. Then predominant ears sitting on top of the skull as opposed to ears that come out the side of his head. Long neck or no neck. Look at behaviour. A slow moving, cautious,methodical bear is usually a large adult while ones that come roaring in without a concern are usually the juveniles and therefore smaller. Ahead of time you can look for size of scat and footprints. Both indicators of size and what may be hanging around the area. As for length, a caped measurement of 60 inches would be from a 200 lb or better. I'd suggest you shoot him first though before you try a measurement.

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6 foot log

My bear last year was my first and was only 4', but weighed 150lbs.. I was real proud of it... I wont shoot one that small again unless its a misjudgement.. Id like 300+, but will settle for 250lbs..

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6 foot log

sawbill hit it on the head.

Also remember that your geographical area may limit the size of the animal.
Some places grow whoppers and other just grow bears. In Washington state our average size bear is no where near the average in Penn. or Alaska.

If you take a good representation of your local area you can't complain and should be very proud.


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