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5/2/14 First turkey for a friend

Me and two good friends from work Steve, who is a very experienced hunter, and Mike, who is still in the rookie phase, headed out to try and get their turkey tags filled this morning. We left at 3:30 this morning to get to our area before daybreak. The plan was for Steve to strike out on his own to the north and I would guide and call for my buddy Mike heading west to the rim of the canyon we hunt. After daybreak and me throwing some calls out we finally heard some gobbling but he was headed the other way. We tried cutting him off and running and gunning to another position when I come from behind a tree and spot him or another Tom up ahead of us in the open between some trees in range. Mike spots him and takes a shot but he misses and the Tom flys off unscathed. We cover some more ground and set up in a good looking spot. I set the decoy hen out and get Mike set up and then do some calling. After a few yelps we get one gobbling to the more open country to the east. He would gobble periodically but wasn't really moving away or towards us. We decide to close some distance and spot him moving from the open back towards the rim and thicker cover. As were moving towards him to set up we hear three gobblers sound off further east. I quickly get Mike set up behind some cedars, get out the decoy in front of him, and get back a little behind him. I'm calling and the first gobbler is sounding off towards the canyon and the three are sounding off to the east and they sound hot! Took about ten minutes of talking to em until I spot em between the cedars moving thru the prairie grass and tell Mike, get ready their coming in. They were close now, three of em, and I'm waiting for Mike to shoot as they are walking in a row in range and I see him finally draw down and aim and shoot. He made a great 45 yd shot and dropped the middle bird. It was his first hunting tag filled but I don't know who was more excited him, or me! He said it was awesome pure excitement and I felt the same way, well worth getting up at 2:30 am after working a 12 hr shift yesterday and getting off at 7 last night. I was as jazzed up as if I had been holding the rifle and felt a great sense of accomplishment for calling those three Toms in. His bird has a 9 inch beard and 1/2 inch spurs. Congrats to Mike for his first hunting tag filled and doing a great job! We almost got Steve a bird on the other side of the canyon around noon trying to call a group of Toms in from some private to the BLM we were on and one almost came all the way in but turned back before breaking the barrier. This hunt was too cool had a great time can't wait to get out and do it again!

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Congrats to Mike and to you! 

Congrats to Mike and to you!  That's a great looking 1st gobbler.  Thumbs up

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Very cool and congratulations

Very cool and congratulations on the friends first bird. Still looking at getting my first one.