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516 Sig Sauer is not piston op

  I have 2 Sig Sauers both .223 5.56 NATO. A 556008 DMR LE 21 in 1n10 twist bbl. I also have a Sig Sauer 516 Hunter with a 20in bbl. 1n9 twist. It is a flattop that came with no sights on it and the bbl has 3 different diameters on the way to the muzzle, kind of a Heavy Relieved bbl.

  I was reading a Sig Sauer review (ad) about the 516 and it is wrong. The second sentence starts "The Sig 516s are all gas-piston operated.", they are not. I belive the author was refering to the 556 Series which is piston operated.

  The rifles look nothing like each other. The SIG 516 could be mistaken for an AR (forward assist and all) in fact people are swapping bottoms and tops on them. The 556 has bolt that slides back and forth loosely in the bolt guide, no dust cover. The charging handle is kept in the pistol grip and is installed, everytime the rifle comes out of the case and taken off when placed in the case.

  My 556008 DMR LE has 1 piston adjustment, not 3. 556 is the nomiclature for the gas piston operated model SIGS. The 516 is DGI Direct Gas Impingement operation.  5'16' the 16 is Sigs way of letting you know that the rifle operates like a M16. DGI

  There are 2 different types of 556008 DMRs. One has a 20 in bbl the DMR HERO DETAIL the other a 21 in bbl, the DMR LE MODEL. Neither of the rifles I own have any threads on the muzzle as stated in the review/ad. The DMR LE is match grade crowned at the factory.  I have not seen another the 516 with a 20 inch bbl. mine has no rails on it, just a flattop you pick the pointers. I am sure there are 20 in bbl 516s around(all I have seen are the 16.5in bbls they are getting scarce) I bought my 516 at WalMart for 900 dollars, they sell M4 Bushmasters for the same price. SIG 900 BM 900 Huh? I have a BM Carbon15 for social purposes and I can say the bolt and carrier tolerences are much tighter in the SIG. The bolt makes a suction sound when clean and hand operated.

556008 DMR LE and 516 hunter w/20 in bbl

516 hunter I have not seen another 20inch bbl all are 16.5 This reminds me of an M16A2

DMR civilian Model, (my)LE has no threads for a suppressor

MY DMR and 516
MY DMR and 516893.61 KB
Forearms off the 516
Forearms off the 5161.04 MB
556-Civilian DMR-Hero-detail.jpg
556-Civilian DMR-Hero-detail.jpg62.4 KB

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