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to stop "it"

The only reason to have a big bore handgun is to stop dead in its tracks whatever you plan to shoot with it.  First shot, every time.  So to my mind, the bigger the better and anything under 45 ACP is a waste of time unless you are doing speed competition, but that's not really what a handgun is for after all.....


Just my humble opinion.  Your mileage may vary....

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I agree...to a point

Jeff Cooper said that one should choose the biggest caliber handgun one could shoot well with. On the other hand the gun should be tailored to the job, using common sense and some knoweledge and forethought. We need to consider what the gun will likely be called upon to do. A gun suitable for small game harvesting, likely will not be a good choice for defense against predators and a gun that will bring down large game probably isn't suitable for home defense or law enforcement use. If one gun would work for everything we wouldn't need to have more than one, but we do. Like golf clubs we, pick the right tool for the job at hand. I was simply commenting on the many guys who aparently just MUST have the biggest handgun they can find, and for no apparent reason. Compensation issues maybe??? Whistling

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If I were out hunting where

If I were out hunting where game was present that migh eat me, I've leave the handgun home in favor of using that extra weight to carry more drinking water. I doubt a 500 would deliver a better blow than a 308 with 180gr bullets. Then if you were attacked, you'd have to throw down your rifle to grab a pistol? The rifle in your hand will come into play faster than the pistol on your hip and it's probably much more accurate. I think Jeff Cooper also said that if he knew he was going to a gun fight, he'd take a rifle!

The idea of taking a handgun along to defend yourself from some dangerious animal reminds me of going on a date with the prom queen known to carry varoius types of V.D. and thinking your safe because you just had your flu shot!

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I agree

I think Clint Smith says that handguns are for fighting your way back to your rifle or shotgun that you shouldnt have left home without in the first place. Now having said that we carry handguns for concealment and convenience. If you cant have a big calibre rifle or smoothbore a handgun beats throwing rocks and it doesnt get the cops called on you when you go to 7-11 at 0300 for a pack of smokes.

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My brother has a 500 , got

My brother has a 500 , got one not long after they came out .. He hasnt hunted in 25 years , but at one time he never missed a day of deer season .. Now he never misses at least one day a week at the range .. He's got a pre ban HK91 thats been in the guncase under his bed since he bought it  .. Why ?? you ask him .. 

After the house fire four years ago and the loss of over 75thou in firearms , I am back to basics now .. 480 Ruger and 458 Lott