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.50 or .54 cal
HsmMiner wrote:
Why limit yourself.....get both a .50 cal and a .54 cal......

That's the spirit !!! Thumbs up I shoot a .50 cal, but I only use it for deer so I have no reason to need anything bigger.

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.50 or .54 cal

I have both a .50 and .54 I like them both but the .54 is in flint so I'm trying to get a bear withit just for the added chalange.
I have also found that the .54 dosen't fowel as much as th.50 and I have found other people that have found the same thing
Just my opinion and you Know what they say about opinions Evil!

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.50 or .54 cal

I have both and each has there perks. The .54 leaves a big hole and is nasty on smaller deer. The .50 is a very universal cal. its all about what feels best for you and what your after and the loads you work for each animal. Regardless they are both fun to shoot and I love the fresh smell of burnt BP in the morning.

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.50 or .54 cal

I'm using a 50 now, but I've been eyeing a Lyman GP 54.

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.50 or .54 cal

Hello from Germany,

I think it belongs to the bullet you use and to the game you hunt. When using RB's a .54 is really fine, it is the best cal. For roundball, gives a good speed and good energy also up to 100m. With a .54 RB you can get really any game down. If one uses conicals so a .50 is enough, because it delievers already plenty of energy for any game. I have both, a .54 GPR capgun, .54 flinter, .50 capgun (Traditions deerhunter) and a CVA .50 buckhorn inliner.



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.50 or .54 cal
rkensparc wrote:
I think in general the .50 is all around ML caliber. It is by far the most popular so your opitions in guns and bullets are greater in .50s than the other calibers.
A .50 works great on deer, and is still big enough to use on Elk.

Now if you are a speed freak go with a .45 and you'll get higher velocities, but I think a .45 is a bit small for Elk.

I have a .54 and love it for use on Muleys and Elk, some would say it is too big for whitetails. Defineately more than you need for whitetails, but perfectly acceptable. Choices in guns and projectiles are more limited than with the .50s

But the best solution is one of each :smile:

Ok I gotta say this. HOW would you think a .45 caliber bullet is too small for ANYTHING on earth? Yes the bullet is traveling slower than say out of a 45/70 but still its a .45 cal. With good bullet placement a .45 is plenty large enough for any animal walking the earth. We could all have a speed verses caliber argument here but the facts are this, If you hit it right its gonna drop. Proper bullet construction and placement are the 2 most importaint factors which compliments the MAIN factor which is comfort with your equipment and ability with it. Some people like the "Big and slow" while others like "small and fast" One hits like a sledge hammer strapped to a freight train while the other hits like a surgical scaple strapped to a rocket. Both will deliver the same result, DEAD, if properly placed. I mean come on folks you have 175 to 275 grains of lead in the .45 choices. Is there someone telling me that 175 grains aint enough for the largest North American game animal? You get 175 grains going at 1400fps+ believe me thats gonna WHACK anything. The age old debate of wether size matters!!! Its placement and comfort with your equipment that matters the most so choose whichever you are most compitent with and you will be successful period.

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.50 or .54 cal
cam69conv wrote:
With good bullet placement a .45 is plenty large enough for any animal walking the earth.

You're kidding right?
Maybe a conical here in the US...Africa they'd laugh at you if you broke out a .45 caliber muzzleloader with a little 125gr. roundball or conical.

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