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50 cal ?'s

im lookin at gettin a 50 caliber handgun in Smith and Wesson but dont know how they shoot , if accuracy is a problem or not.. want one to hunt with close range (70 or closer maybe 100 yards) maybe barrel length would be better shorter or longer, im not sure.... info would be helpful about it

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50 cal ?'s

The longer barrel 500's are supposed to quite accurate. Take some ear plugs though because they roar (all models have compensators). Another option is the new 460 S&W (shoots 460, 45LC, and 454 all of which are 45 caliber). Recoil is stiff but manageable, unlike say some of the ultra light 44 mags on the market. Plus you can go to a lighter 200 grain load for the distances you intend to hunt.