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50 cal bullet for elk

New to BP hunting and Elk huniting. Will be shooting a 50 Cal T/C omega hopefully at the biggest elk in CO this fall. Any suggestions on Bullets. I know try a few and take the one that shoots best in my gun but what would be a good starting point? Please be specific, bullet type, brand and grain.

Thanks in advance.

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50 cal bullet for elk

BARNES TMZ ,250 GR. +100gr T7 ..

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50 cal bullet for elk

Colorado = Conical only.

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50 cal bullet for elk

I'll recommend the 410 grains Hornady Great Plains bullet with 100grs bp or T7 or 3 pellets 50/50 Pyrodex. That will bring the elk down for sure!



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50 cal bullet for elk

This will be my first year using a muzzy as well. And I too bought a T/C Omega. I just got it out for the first time two weeks ago and I was surprised at how awesome the trigger was. It is just about as good as the trigger on my Remington 700.

It shot well with the cheap sabots I bought (for practice only in CO) and the 295 grain powerbelts I plan on using for hunting.

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50 cal bullet for elk

Will be using 250TMZ's in my Omega w 110 grns BH 209

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50 cal bullet for elk

The 460 and 495gr No Excuses conicals out of Roy Utah are in my opinion the best made most devastating conicals out there.

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My vote goes with the heavy conical..

I cast a 525 grain bullet form an RCBS adjustable HotchKiss mold. I have used it for elk. And it is flat deadly on elk. I have used it in several states, however I will admit that I did not measure the overall length of the bullet. And you have to watch the legal length of the bullet in CO. I used it in CO several years ago, however as I stated I did not measure the bullet.

With the proper load the 50 caiber MZ can do everything a 45-70 rifle can do. However IMO it needs to be done with a heavy cast conical to achieve this. Take your time and experiment with heavy conicals. You might be amazed at how well the proper bullet can shoot. And how effective the big heavy bullet can be.

It takes a little practice, but 200 yard shots should be no problem as long as "you know your rifle". Tom.

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50 cal bullet for elk

any of the 295+ grain power belt bullets do a nice job

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50 cal bullet for elk

Two or three years/bulls ago I shot a "not huge" 5x5 with a powerbelt bullet. It went in between two ribs and blew up into several/many little pieces. Second shot was with my former and now current favorite hornandy .45 cal 300gr XTP w/sabot, quartering into me into the shoulder. The XTP dropped him. After the first shot he ran/trotted about 75 yards making the second shot 130-140 yards versus the 50-75 yard shot with the powerbelt.
I feel the pure lead and copper "paint" of the powerbelt isn't a tough enough bullet. If it were to hit a bone it would be nothing but dust. It's like a huge pure lead .22 LR bullet. No copper jacket to keep it together for penetration.

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You might want to take a look at the rules and regs brochure. If i'm not mistaken sabots are not legal in CO during muzzleloader also pellitized powder is not legal along with scopes, Irons sights only(fiber optics ok). Just a heads up alot of people are not aware of this.

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