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50 cal and 54 cal round ball and conicals

I would like to hear what you have killed using any combination of 50 or 54 cal with rb or conical.  tell me what load, penetration, distance, and how far the animal went before dying.  I am comparing them strictly for curiousity.  I already own and have used my traditional rifle with success and just want to see the capabilities of each.

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Well so far I have taken 3

Well so far I have taken 3 animals with a muzzle loader.

The first was a doe with a .54 hawken using a tc expander hollowpoint ahead of 95 grains, I don't remember the bullet weight but I think it was 390 grains or so. The second was a 4 point mule deer buck, both dropped in thier tracks at the shot.

I witnessed a friend take a cow elk with tha same combination but this one went about 75 yards before going down with a solid quatering away hit that lodged undr the far shoulder.

The other animal I killed was a coyote using a .50 caliber using a power belt tipped bullet above 125 grains. I got lucky with this one and hit it facing me at a ranged 172 yard and the bullet passed completely through chest to tail.

My dad has also killed a 4 point buck with a .58 using a round ball above only 65 grains of powder. this one as well fell at the shot with both shoulders broken and a small portion of flat ball recovered on the far side.

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