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5 Must-Have Tools for Today's Coyote Hunter (feature)

January 2010 Feature Article:

5 Must-Have Tools for Today's Coyote Hunter

Predator hunting is all the rage these days. When most big game seasons cool down, coyote season heats up. Even though these wild dogs are open for the taking year round in many jurisdictions, hardcore predator hunters acknowledge January and February as prime time. Even still, only the most skilled, savvy, and well-equipped hunters learn to score consistently on these small and cagey fur-bearing targets. With today's advancements, predator fanatics learn to equip themselves with five must-have tools: decoys, calls, camouflage, firearms, and good optics. Read more...

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Re: 5 Must-Have Tools for Today's Coyote Hunter (feature)

I would say optics is way up there on your list. Coyotes are crafty little buggers and if you pot them first you will have the upper hand.

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Optics are high on the list,

Optics are high on the list, problem with scopes today, must people think bigger is better, people want to much power, how many times have you see that 6x18 power scope or 8X24 ontop of varmit rig (I did it). I have backed down and shoot a 4X14 and keep it set on 5 power, it's easy to dail up once you have your target in you view.



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The higher power optics are

The higher power optics are nice for glassing an area but as far as what is on the rifle that is debateable.  I have a 6x20 on my 22-250 but that was used mostly on  popping grounds hogs and parrie dogs at long range.  If I am out after a yote I'll leave it down on 6 power no matter what the range is.  Some people will get too envolved cranking up the scope to get a bigger picture that they loose the yote while doing it. 

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