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4th season Elk hunt in the Flat tops

I have been doing some research on what makes a successful 4th season hunt. I know weather and especially snow depth play a large factor as well as hunting pressure. Does anyone have any tips on what to look for in a 4th season hunt as far as where to find elk? I hunted this season last year in unit 12 and found elk right at the snow level area. It seems like everyone hunts down low and I am thinking that pressure may keep elk higher. Any tips?

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I have never hunted that area

I have never hunted that area but I can tell you that elk need to eat and until the snows cover their feed they can be found anywhere.  I have seen them at 10,000' after Thanksgiving where they are living on wind swep ridges.  But I think that if I was hunting that area I would start with the heads of the canyons or the rige lines that lead out of the area. 

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I took a cow in 23 last year

I took a cow in 23 last year 4th and season and saw several more.  All the elk were in the snow 9500 feet or so and the snow was 8-12 inches deep. They seemed to be very happy there and did not see another person or track in the two days I hunted.

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