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45/70 LeveRevolution

I had shot off a box of these in the early summer and was well impressed, but had stuck with the Federals for reasons of comfort. I went to get a box the other day, but to my dismay there was only two boxes of the LeveRevolution in stock. So, not wanting to ruin a day at the range, I didn't hesitate buying them. When I got to the range I had to resight for the Hornady's, then did some practice shooting. I have to say, I was more than impressed with the trajectory I was getting. From the 30 to the 100yd mark I never had to adjust the sights. The grouping was outstanding, and I honestly believe the kick from these cartridges were significantly less than that of the Federals. Another impressive fact was impact. At 50 yards the Hornady round cleared a 3/4" countertop, 1" pressure treated stake, a 2x4, and drilled a deep hole in the berm 5ft behind that. It had punched through the countertop, disintegrated the stake, and blew a hole the size of a silver dollar in the 2x4. The hole in the berm was as deep as half the length of my finger. I couldn't feel the bullet though, so it must have traveled deeper with the dirt collapsing behind it. Very impressive round. I had to tell you guys. I give it a thumbs up. Thumbs up

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