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454 Casul, Ruger 480 or 44 mag?

I hunt in upstate NY (shotgun only or pistol) I've taken many deer with slugs and wanting to use handgun. I have a smith 629 with 5 " barrell but am thinking of the new Ruger Super Redhawk in 480 or 454 Casul. I expect my shots to be under 75 yards with pistol carried with my 1187 scoped shotgun. but am thinking of putting a scope on it. Does anybody have any experience with these cartridges on deer? How far did the deer run? What was the wound like? How far can each cartridge take a deer (whitetail)? Also, I have seen some balistics where the 480 is so similar to the 44 mag in weight and velocity. Hornady 480 Ruger 325 gr. XTP-Mag velocity 1,350 is almost same as CorBon 320gr-Hard Cast 480ruger velocity 1299. (this infro from the Shooting times Ruger collector's edition magazine, on sale now, it is great if your a Ruger fan as it goes in detail most of the Ruger Guns). Is there that much difference with a 480? Also at 75 yards will I just be punching a hole quicker than with the 44? What about the 454? How far is it good to? I'd appreciate as much detailed info if anyone is willing. thanks

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