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If a 300 yard shot is the

If a 300 yard shot is the closest that you can get while hunting then if you want to use a handgun or a handgun cartridge you need to change your tactics.  I have taken both mule deer and elk in Utah and Colorado with a .45 LC shooting 250 grain lead bullets and on the deer and one elk the bullets passed through completely.  The shots ranged up to 75 yards so it can be done quite well. 

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.45long colt is a great deer round

If a .45 acp is a man stopper, then for sure a modern day .45 long colt is an adequate deer stopper! Especially when you take into consideration that today's modern .45 long colts, custom loaded, rival the ballistics of a .44 Magnum! Bow and arrow? Yes! Black powder 45? Yes! .45 long colt? Bet your boots yes! Come on! Millions of deer have been taken with way less than a modern day long colt .45, give me a nice 45 big bore, a nice hollow point bullet movin out at 1100+ fps, and a nice clear short range shot, that is well placed, and we are definately havin venison for dinner tonight! To answer your question, YES a .45 long colt is a great round for short range North American Deer hunting! Hornady FTX red rubber pointed bullets or Remington home defense loads that are hollow poits are good too.

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I haven't killed any deer

with my 45lc Winchester trapper, but I've killed a bunch of bears with it. I have used 280 gr. hard cast wide flat nose made by Beartooth Bullets. It puts a big hole in and another one going out. A deer won't stand a chance. Kevin

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45 Colt on deer

I have been using a New Model Blackhawk in 45 Colt on deer for years and have had excellant results. I hunt in typical PA hardwoods . I use a 250 grain Hornady XTP and 23,5 grains of IMR 4227. Of all the deer I have shot with this loadf I have never had a bloodytrail, everyone fell where hit and not advanced.

 I have been hunting with a handgun only sine 1974 and when loaded properly the 45 colt is as excellant whitetail deer cartridge as one could find.

  My load is appeox 1100 feet/ sec but in the 45 colt any hardcast of 250 grainSWC at 950 feet/sec will shoot completey through a whitetail. I have used 357.s 44 mag, 44 specials ang the 45 colt to harvast deer ,the 45 colt is second to none in this catagory. Of course the 44 mag.is also excellant and the 357 will also work but i perfer the Colt, that big bullet makes derr  ;come all loose: so buy your colt and hunt with confidence

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I would have to agree with

I would have to agree with Dan! If you can not shoot +P ammo in your handgun, it is not suitable for hunting on hunter fields! Cowboy ammo in the 45 Long Colt just does not have enough power. Suitable bullets should be flat nose solids, not hollow points. Trade your Taurus in on a Ruger!

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