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45-70 range on Bear, moose, and bison ?

What would be the effective range of a 45-70 on a brown bear, moose, and a heavy bodied bison ?

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A 45-70 shoots like a

A 45-70 shoots like a rainbow, the further away a target is the higher you need to aim. For any of the animals that you listed except for the brown bear I would have to say that 150 yards would be max. For the bear I would keep it under 100 yards just for the simple fact that you don't want to make him mad.

A lot of brown and black bears have fallen to that round and I would figure that most of them have been under 100 yards.

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I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you critter on the 150 yds with the 45-70. Like you mentioned they have a trajectory like a rainbow. Definetly would'nt be my 1st choice for an open area where shots could surpass 200 yds

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I agree but a lot will depend on the load you are using too....

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150-200-150. Used it on a

150-200-150. Used it on a drawn hunt near delta junction Alaska for bison with great success at 150 but the bullet failed to penetrate past the far shoulder. Moose are a lot less tough though