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.44mag in Africa

I have the opportunity to hunt in South Africa and, if I can get over the hand-gun specific hurdles, want to take my Ruger SBH .44mg with me (out of habit as much as anything else). Does anyone have any experience hunting in Africa with that weapon. Would really appreciate your thoughts on bullet and loads, also. Just getting back into hunting after a couple decades out of it, so Im really finding that tech has improved dramatically over the old .240g Keith standards we used to use on hogs....

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.44mag in Africa

A lot of people may disagree, but my opinion from talking to those who have hunted in Africa, is that anything in .44 mag that works here in N America will work in Africa. Same goes for a lot of biggame rifles, depending on what youare hunting of course.

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handgun hunting in africa.

main difference in african hunting is bullet placement.you want to place your shot through the shoulders,not behind as in north american game.the heart is located differently on african game.so penetration is the key when choosing your bullet.i hunt with a handgun and for dangerous game use the belt mountain punch bullets.grizzley cartrige co loads that bullet in a varity of cal's.expensive,but your hunt in africa is also costly.dont scrimp on your ammo.your life and the sucess of your hunt depends on it.cor-bon penetrators are a good 2nd choice.good hunting,ed

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.44mag in Africa

What part of South Africa will you be hunting in? If you are in the highveld it's open terrain. You may not get close enough to anything for a pistol shot.

The highveld is the only part I hunted so that's all I know about first hand. I have been told that the bushveld is very thick with scrubby trees and such. That sounds like a good place for a pistol.

Just ask your PH what he would bring.

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