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44 Mag revolver ... ammunition questions

I'm going on my first bear hunt this September and I'm very excited.  Part of my whole ritual is preparing in every way.  I'll be using a 44 magnum revolver and we'll be hunting with dogs in North Eastern Tennessee, so I don't expect to take a bear larger than 260-300 lbs. I also expect to be shooting from gound to tree.

From now till then I want to use the same ammo at my range that I'm going to use on my hunt so that I can completely familiarize myself with the round.  But I need some advice from you guys as to what that round should be.

I'm almost sold that I should be using a JSP.

Also, I think I would prefer to buy commercial ammo but I'm wondering on the availability and the price.  I would like to get off as cheep as possible.

I should say that I do have a good friend with a reloader who is willing to help, should I go that route.

If people with experience could offer advice on Brand names of both commercial ammo and on reload brand names of bullets, casings, primers, Grain count and what ever else i need, i would be very grateful.


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44 Mag bear loads

I have killed many bears with the 44 mag round. They were all out of carbines such a winchester 94 trapper and little ruger no.1 44 mags. You can't hunt with a pistol in Canada so thats why I use the little rifles. I love the round and have loaded for her for many years. My first question is which type of pistol (revolver) do you have. Some like the Ruger Super Red Hawk,Vaquero, Magnum Research, or Freedom arms just to name a few are built for heavy or very heavy loads. Bullet selection if vital. My favorite factory load was the Remington 275 gr. hollow point Coreloct. They are no longer available and I have taken many bears with them, all one shot kills. My favorite handload is H110 behind a 325 LWFN hard cast lead bullet produced by Bear Tooth Bullets. It has a very wide meplate and punches a hole straight through. I've killed four bears with them, all were one shot kills. Good luck

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The HSM Bear load 305 gr hardcast. Good economy price at 35.00 for a box of 50. I used those for my protection load in my Taurus mod 44 this past year which gave me 2 1/2 inch groups off the bench at 25 yds with a 4 inch barrel. Im getting a Smith and Wesson mod 629 next month and will continue to use these if they shoot good in it due to the price. I also shot some Speer Deep Curl 270 grainers which gave better accuracy but were the same price for 20 rds so I took the economy route and went HSM. 

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I'll be using a Taurus Raging

I'll be using a Taurus Raging Bull 444.

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The two black bears that I

The two black bears that I have killed with pistols were both one shot kills with home cast lead (wheel weight) bullets.  Both hunts were DIY, spot and stalk.  I shot one bear with a 1911 Gov't model .45 acp with a 220 gr semi wadcutter bullet and the other with a Ruger Super Blackhawk SA .44 mag and a 250 gr semi wadcutter gas check bullet.

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