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.410 slugs for deer, yay or nay?

Just looking to see what you feel about its use. i've been told that it works great by some people and by others that it should only be used on coyotes and smaller. in my opinion its as suitable for the job of killing a deer as any .22, centerfire or not. i'm not going to try it because i don't feel the need and i've got a 12 gauge and a .30-06, just curious.

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.410 slugs for deer, yay or nay?

A well placed shot at 25 yards or under might do the trick, but it is one of those things I wouldn't want to try. I've heard both pros and cons. I believe I have heard more cons though. I don't think it would take a larger deer.

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.410 slugs for deer, yay or nay?

Like jfrench said, it might do the trick, but why risk it? It would be irresponsible to use a gun that may only wound or cripple an animal. I'd stick with the 12 ga or 30/06, although I've killed a number of deer with a 20 ga slug.

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