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.410 shotgun for Turkey?

Hey guys, Would you ever hunt turkey with a .410 shotgun, have you already if so lets here about. Also what do you think the best .410 ammo would be for turkey, here in north carolina state wide spring turkey season is coming up and all i have is a .410, ohh yeah what is the range of a .410 shotgun.


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.410 shotgun for Turkey?

The .410 isn't popular for use on turteys because of its poor paterning and how few pellets there are in a load.This doesn't mean a .410 couldn't kill a turkey but its efective range would be 15 feet. Could you borrow a larger gun from family or friends? A 12 gauge with a full or xtra full choke would be ideal but a full choked 20 gauge would also work, if its legal and you have one a bow or crossbow would also be a better choice then the .410.

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.410 shotgun for Turkey?

I guess the first thing i would do, if I were you, is check to make sure a .410 is a legal weapon for harvesting a turkey in your state. I doubt that it is, but it is possible. Personally, i would gaurd against using a .410. Low power, low pellet counts, poor patterning, all lead up to just wounding the bird, rather than harvesting the bird. Network family and friends to see if anyone has a shotgun you can borrow. Offer up something in trade like venison, turkey, beverages of choice, or work for use of the firearm. Go with a buddy and offer to call for them, if they let you use the shotgun.

good luck...

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