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400.00 for a Winchester 1300 ,12 gauge???

1. Winchester 1300 12 gauge shotgun
2. case, swivel, scope and slug barrel.

All for 400.00.

Deal or no deal?

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400.00 for a Winchester 1300 ,12 gauge???

i would think yes, depending on the scope included. i looked at a winchester model 1300 defender not too long ago which has an increased capacity of 7 rounds (+1 i think) and a standard/pistol grip combo. i saw it at two separate places for somewhere in the ballpark of $275.

it would seem that if you added a case, scope, and rifled barrel to that equation, $400 would be a pretty good deal. then again, i think the "defender" model is intended more for home defense (obviously) and range use then it is for field use. kinda wish i would've picked up the defender model when i saw it. hope that helped a bit.

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400.00 for a Winchester 1300 ,12 gauge???

Considering that the 1300 is no longer made (production ceased on March 31st of last year at the USRAC plant in New Haven, CT), if you find one at that price and you want one then I'd buy it.

Fabrique Nationale who is the owner of USRAC (and Browning) made the decision to close the New Haven plant and efforts to reopen or ressurect it have failed due to financial reasons, or so they claim. USA made Winchesters were produced there under the brand name that was lisensed from Olin Corp since about 1981 when Olin got out of the firearms manufacturing business to focus on it's chemical, brass, and small arms ammunition business. Though Olin Corp owned and operated the same facility prior to 1981 or so going back to the 1920's or 30's when they first acquired Winchester as a company.

FN still has license permission from Olin to produce Winchester branded guns, but will no longer make them in the USA, but will be made and imported by FN or it's subsidiaries. Discontinued are the Model 70, Model 1300, and a few other classics.

I'm sure you've all read about this in the media and outdoor magazines within the last year or so.