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Congrtaulations on your

Congrtaulations on your choice and I'm sure you won't be dissappointed. Nikon makes a great product and it should serve you well.

Your last post before this one said you were about to leave to go look at them. That was over 24 hours ago and you just made it home? You must have had a very hard time making up your mind.lol

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haha very hard time.... I

haha very hard time.... I only made it to Sportsmans yesterday to look at the Vortex then today I headed out to Cabelas. After looking at the Nikon and Leupolds I had to walk around the store for about an hour and think about it then had to go back and look at them one more time to make my final decision. The Leupolds were great scopes but I couldn't see them being $200-300 "better" than the Nikon. I think all the people in line waiting to be helped were getting angry with me for taking so long to make up my mind haha

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I have never owned a Nikon, but...

In the interest of complete disclosure, I have never owned a Nikon, but I love my Leupold.  Use what works for you where you hunt, but I find myself working in the opposite direction.  I have a 3-9X and found 3X to be too much scope when a buck popped up at 30 yards last season.  I’d like to drop down to a 2-8X.  30 mm seems to work fine for me.  I have one higher objective scope (a 50mm) but I actually think I gather more light with the Leupold 30mm lens than I do with the Simmons 50mm lens!