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.40 Cal preference

I am thinking of getting a .40 caliber pistol, with rails so I can attach a light/laser combo. Right now it is between a Glock 22, or a Beretta PX Storm. Just curious what people like. I have multiple other pistols and now want a 40.

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.40 Cal preference

I have an H&K P2000 in .40......... It's a great gun, and it holds a light or laser perfectly......

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.40 Cal preference

I have a Glock Model 23. I love it. It is the best semi-auto I have ever owned. Can't go wrong with a Glock. They will stand up to the most sever abuse imaginable.

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.40 Cal preference

if i had to choose between the 2 i would go with the glock. while you are in the market, take a look at the walthers p99 40. i find that the glock has an uncomfortable grip. the walthers fits my hand better and comes with 3 interchangable grips, and sights. disenguaging firing pin, red indicator to let you know it is loaded and made from the same material as the glock. cheaper too. the gun shop owner that sold me mine stated that it will stand up to the same conditions as a glock. it does requier some extra cleaning though with the extra moving parts. verry easy to break down and put back togeather. i love mine and would never think of selling or trading it. never jammed or miss fired yet. have shot countless boxes from cheap to high end bullets. well just my opinion. but give it a look. you will like it. oh yea. 1 down fall. they dont make many lazer light attachments for it.

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.40 Cal preference

i am only 16 but i shoot every weekend just about, and i would def. go with the Glock. As a young shooter its just my preference of a smooth shooting, accurate gun, although the berretta is smooth shooting it lacks the pattern that the glock delivers.

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