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A 4 Rifle Battery for North America

Unless the majority of your hunting was moose and brown bear, I wouldn't even mess with a 338. It has far too much energy to really be practical on smaller game than that. It might make a suitably elk cartridge, but even then, it's massive. I just feel its best suited to thumping the truly big stuff.

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A 4 Rifle Battery for North America

Yes, Captain, it would work. That would be an interesting picture.
A blood-smeared crater with a few tufts of hair! At least the .22 would leave a leg or two to gnaw on! Cry

Four is too few for me. For some it may be enough. Granted, most rifles are capable of taking a wide range of game, but they all do it a little differently, and its all based on what you want or need that bullet to do. I would absolutely HATE to get rid of my .308s (2) or my 260.

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I'd choose:

.22 lr because it does what you need and keeps you sharp
.270 Winchester because it will work anywhere on anything if you shoot straight
.340 Weatherby because nothing can withstand this power
.50 cal Muzzle loader for my mountain man fantasies...

Thanks for the question.

Now, if I could only have one? .270 Winchester.

Here's a question for you. How much do you need to shoot to get good?
One round per yard every month...

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A 4 Rifle Battery for North America

I've been loading cartridges and chasing game for some time and I've noticed that I always reach for the rifle that's most comfortable for the situation.

I like hunting the high desert. Find an area that has game, get out while it's still dark and stationing myself in an area where I can glass for game until I find something I like. This would include mule deer, antelope, coyotes, etc... For this I've got a 270wsm that will handle those long shots if needed.

I like looking for those big monarchs, the Roosevelt Elk. These hunts are done in the forests of the northwest were the shots range from 50 to 250 yds. These areas also include Blacktail, Black Bear, Cougar, Bobcat, Skunk, Porcupine, etc... For these hunts I've got three short easy handling rifles, dependent on the game I'm after. A 300wsm, 243win and 22LR.

If I'm headed up where the air is thin and the weather is severe I grab the 308 with stainless and sythetic.

These are all that I ever depend on. The 300wsm has replaced my 30-06 because it's shorter lighter and has more punch. The 270wsm is replacing my 270win. The 270wsm is a custom job that will out shoot the old 270win hands down.

For the Alaska hunt(s). I would be looking into replacing the 340 weatherby with a 375 whelen. The 340 is a lot of gun to pull the trigger on and the 375 whelen is just as capable with less punishment.

With these 5 rifles I could deal with any game I hunt or hunting situation I've ever been in.

Then we've got shotguns, pistols, blackpowder, one of the old sharps (45-110), an old lever in 44-40 & archery.

I'm need a bigger house! :-?

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A 4 Rifle Battery for North America

I would like some info on the 375 Whelen? I have heard of the 35 Whelen and the 375 H&H, but never the 375 Whelen. What mfg's put out rifles in this caliber and where can I go to get the stats and bullet performance info?

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A 4 Rifle Battery for North America


The 375 whelen is still a wildcat. It's also called the 375 Scofield and the 375-06. A 30-06 case necked up to .375 and fire formed. I know there are dies available and I think someone is making brass. At this time I don't have the info.
If you can get a copy of "Cartridges of the world", there is a picture of the 375 Whelen and some brief history under Wildcats and Proprietary Cartridges.
The copy I have still shows the 338-06 as a wildcat and I know A-Square has picked this round up and made it factory. Weatherby is building rifles for the 338-06

The 375 can throw a 260 gr bullet at 2400 fps or better. Where I saw the round, is the gun smith that is working on a rifle for me has built one of the 375's for himself in a mauser action and a 22" barrel. He also informed me that .375 is a far as you can go, with the 30-06 case, without running into headspace problems.

Next time I see him I'll ask where he's getting the loading info from.

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A 4 Rifle Battery for North America

.243 Win.
.338 Win.

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A 4 Rifle Battery for North America

What's better than talking about guns, eh?

Right now I have two centerfire rifles. A Sako AV in 7mm Rem Mag and a Ruger No. 1 in .375 H&H. Those two cover just about everything in my book, but if I were to add two more...

The 25 WSSM is pretty enticing. The 7mm will get the job done on smaller game, but why not use a smaller rifle if I can.

Then a .204 Ruger would be cool for shooting varmints. That or an AR-15.

So I say .375 for anything that can eat you.
7mm Rem Mag
.204 Ruger