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3rd season ups and downs

I hunted 28/37 for the 4th year in a row. This time, my second son came as he turned 12 in June. We hiked over 15 miles up and down over the week. We saw a lot of deer, many far off. On the first Monday, our first day, got some snow and cold and had a couple encounters that just didn't pan out. I really wanted my 14 yr old to get his first. We came over a ridge and there was a smaller 3x3 broadside in a sage flat next to a bush, and as much as I tried to point it out, he just couldn't see it until if finally bounded away. It stopped for an iffy shot in trees that he wisely didn't take. Later that day we found a nice bigger 3x3 bedded in the afternoon sunlight. We needed to bump him off the private property he was so we could get a shot. Long story short, we came up with a plan that worked almost perfect....the buck came over the fence but emerged out of my peripheral vision. However my 12 yr old saw him and said, no, kind of shouted.."dad, there he is, there he is!!". Well, he started moving then, I had a running shot at about 100yds, missed though.

After that Monday, it was the usual (at least for the last 3 yrs) Nov. weather. Clear, sunny, and warming. On Friday evening, our last, we spotted a nice, tall 4x4. We had to wait him out for almost 2 hours. When he finally moved out from behind some aspens, he all the sudden had 4 does with him. I only had about a 20 foot opening he was passing thru with the does. When he first came out it was head down feeding, and I had my crosshairs on him, I figured it had to be him, but I just waited to make sure I saw antler. Well, finally he lifted up his head, there was some serious antler. I had a split second, took the shot, thought I hit him good, and then watched him run a half mile and depart out of the valley over a ridge. We found his tracks, looked for blood, nothing. We were pretty bummed, especially as the pick up was about 100yds away for an all time easy drag. I don't know how I missed. Not that I don't believe that I could miss, I wish I had a replay to see how I missed. I thought it was 200yds, but was 240, so maybe a little low. I could have used about 5 seconds to steady everything, but there just wasn't time. Most of all, I am kicking myself for not buying a second pair of shooting sticks. That's the last time I go out w/out something like that. My son had them in case the deer came out on his side of the trees.

So, we had a real adventure, ups and downs. They both still have late season antelope for 121, so hopefully they can bag their first animals in December.


P.S. they still have late season cow tags for 28/37....if anyone where a nice big herd is up there....



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That sounds like my kind of

That sounds like my kind of luck sometimes.  Too bad they didn't get a buck to start out. 

Good luck on the rest of the hunts.

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That's hunting !

That is the way it goes sometimes Aaron. Sounds like you still had a great time with your boys and they have memories to last a lifetime. Also every time we have bad luck it seems to teach us for the next season....

Good luck on the cow hunts !