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Me too. I usually only get to

Me too. I usually only get to hunt currently about every other year due to out of state work. I usually hunt 711 and before that 66 and it seems most hunters stay at least until Wednesday or Thursday. Unless someone in the group kills early and they have to deal with meat or there is some nasty weather that forces hunters out of the backcountry. With the amount of irrigated fields around Hotchkiss and Crawford in unit 63 I would think the majority of deer will be using those areas of private land by the 3rd season, but there is still lots of BLM pockets. Likewise when I worked in the gas field in unit 22/32 a lot of those deer were using the private land along CR 22, Hwy 13, and the White River. I have never hunted in either unit just worked in them during the big game seasons, so its just my two cents. I think you will do fine in any unit if you can hunt all nine days.

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Gas pads in 22

I recently looked at Google earth for unit 22 and it appears there are quite a few gas/oil pads and roads leading to these in that unit. How much of an affect does this activity have on the hunts there?

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You'll find that the bigger

You'll find that the bigger bucks will stay away from the roads and traffic but you may catch one or two of them on the platform sites since there is better feed on them. They'll also like to hang just off of the top of the ridge in the heaver cover.

I have hunted the Book Cliffs in Utah just across the border and it is littered with gas platforms and that is what I have found out over there.

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Gas pads and big bucks

Thank you. I will file this away in my notes for this unit.