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3rd Season area 62

Hi, my name is jared i'm lookin for some advice and or pointers for hunting area 62 this is my first time hunting in this area so any help would be great

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3rd Season area 62

Jared welcome BGH! Thumbs up This year has been one of the worst I have ever seen when it comes to the elk.

I only had a cow tag this rifle season and never even seen an elk. I walked 14 miles round trip into one of my hidden holes, and tried many other holes I have in out of the way spots, and found very few tracks. I have been up there since the beginning of archery season and it is truely depressing the way things have been with the elk this year. Brick Wall,)

If you are willing to work and walk a long ways I would concentrate on Star Mesa, Flat Iron Canyon, and the Badlands.

Good luck and good hunting!