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3rd Annual Michigan Youth Hunt Contest

Iam sorry i have took so long to send this to you,my dad and i have been checking stands and sets every minute we can to get ready for the rut,

But about my experience with the youth hunt oppertunity i was given this year, I had alot of fun and i was very happy to be able to that with my dad. This was a great oppertunity for me to get a chance to not only hunt on private land but to have a great hunt....It was a great time and we didnt even use a blind that was great! when we where sitting out in that field and it was so hot i was thinking to myself that the deer would never come out and then when we seen those 2 deer across the road i really started to get excited and then my dad said there was one in the field we where hunting in and i started to shake i could feel my heart pounding through my chest, My dad handed me the nocs and told me to look at him cause he thought it was a nice buck well, that was useless cause i was shaking so bad i could'nt even see out of them.Well there is not much more to say except it was a great shot at about 150 yards and he one shot put him down and my dad told me we are going to his taxidermist to have it mounted for our trophy room.....i really understand the addiction of hunting now and i don't see a deer season being missed by me in the near future.

John i would like to thank you again and i would like to tell everyone that has the chance to go on one of these hunts to do it! You won't regret it!

Dakota and Dad, Terry

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