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358 Winchester

Doing some research on this caliber. Anyone with experience with it. I know the 35 caliber hasnt had a fair shake in the US and this caliber has been around a long time. I see a few more manufacturers are offering, such as Browning and Ruger. I like the short caliber and also the 35 bullet selection. Would probably use for elk or deer in the timber. Let me know what you guys think.

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358 Winchester

It should manage to get the job done.

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358 Winchester


I have used the 358 Winchester for deer hunting since 1966. I have had outstanding results from the round. I used to handload the 200 gr factory Silvertips and for the last couple of decades the 180 Speer.

I have four 358 Win rifles. The last one I got is a Mannlicher Schoenauer.

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